Introducing the Kidbrooke with Hornfair team

Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservatives have been working all year round on the behalf of the local community.  Almost 500 households took part in the Kidbrooke Survey over the past 12 months and this has highlighted your concerns particularly about crime and antisocial behaviour, but also about local transport, health and education.

Jackie Doyle-Price (centre) has lived in the borough for the past five years.  After twelve years working in local government, Jackie now represents the interests of consumers in the financial services industry.  Jackie says, "We do not get value for money in return for our extortionate council tax bills.  Ken keeps taking more and more money from us and he can't even give us decent bus services.  I promise I will fight for a better deal for Kidbrooke".  In her spare time Jackie likes to catch up on the soaps – especially Coronation Street.  She also enjoys watching films and shopping for shoes.


Andy Jennings (right) has been chairman of governors at his local primary school for more than five years. In this time he has seen at first hand the failures of Labour's inclusion policy, and the increasing unwillingness of parents to send their children to the borough's secondary schools.  Andy says, "The council is spending an enormous amount of its education budget on bureaucracy rather than in the schools themselves.  I want to see more power given to local schools, to teachers and parents, and less money dissappearing into the bottomless pit at Riverside House".  As a chartered accountant, Andy would ensure that the council spent your money more efficiently - providing better services for less. 


Graeme Coombes

(left)  is a director of a publishing and events company and lives locally, in the Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward. With previous experience, as a councillor in another local authority, Graeme is an active campaigner, who has championed a number of issues on behalf of local residents, including better bus services, environmental improvements and opposing phone masts. Graeme says, "The neglect of our communities by the Labour Council is a disgrace. Litter strewn streets, potholed roads and a mass of graffiti are a blight on our communities. This decline in our neighbourhoods also contributes to increased anti-social behaviour and more criminal activity. It's about time we saw less litter and graffiti and more police on our streets".