Introducing the Coldharbour and New Eltham team


Mandy Brinkhurst (left) was born in the ward, and feels strongly about issues concerning the local environment. She co-ordinated a petition to have graffiti removed from all properties that was presented to the Council. 

John Hills (centre) has been serving the people of the ward for 6 years, and devotes most of his week to matters in the ward. He has campaigned on issues relating to the post office at the Mound, Montbelle School and is currently Chair of the Community Association of New Eltham.

Chris Taylor (right) has been a Councillor for the area for 4 years, was born and went to school in the ward. He headed up the campaigns to save the Pop-In Parlour and Royal Eltham Pub. He walks the streets of the ward after his Saturday surgeries, getting graffiti removed from properties.