Fly tipping problem in Plumstead

In recent months fly tipping in Plumstead was featured on BBC news. Residents in Abery Street became so angry at fly tipping on their doorstep they put the rubbish on the Internet auction site eBay to highlight the problem. Greenwich Council's response was to apologise saying the rubbish had been "overlooked", and that they would pay close attention to Plumstead in the next few weeks.


However, the problems are not isolated to Abery Street, and the assurances of extra attention for Plumstead appear to be little more than hollow words. Certain areas of ward suffer regular tipping, from general domestic waste to household white appliances.  


Conservative candidate for Plumstead Simon Emmett says, "The environmental and public health impacts caused by the level of tipping should make this a primary concern to the Council. It seems though that the Council only acts when the media forces it into damage limitation mode. The Council should start being proactive and not reactive about fly tipping in Plumstead"