Greenwich Market - an update


Following email responses from local residents to the latest In Touch, Greenwich West Conservatives have once again restated their position in opposing the proposed redevelopment and partial demolition of The Market and this opposition is true of the Labour Council and Labour MP. The concern that this is a softening up exercise is also shared by us.



Where the Conservatives stance differs from Labour is that they have accused the Trust of 'slowly killing Greenwich' and two of their Councillors have written to traders offering their support in opposing the plans; where as we believe that ongoing, constructive dialogue should have been happening for years between the local councillors for Greenwich West and the Trust and clearly this has not been happening. Labour is responding negatively because they have not been actively involved on an ongoing basis.


If elected the Conservative Councillors will engage in this dialogue with the Trust and with the local people in a productive and constructive way, not only about The Market but to discuss wider investment in Greenwich as the Trust owns much of the freehold in the Town Centre some of which still requires repair from bomb damage. The Market actually has a lease until 2012 so there is no imminent decision to be made. Paramount though is retaining the vibrancy and individuality of the stalls and small shops and enhancing their trade to ensure their long term viability.


Local residents also feel that something has to be done about traffic in the Town Centre and local Conservatives agree that a consultation regarding traffic flow in the Town Centre is long overdue and it is noted that no action has been taken by the Labour Council during it’s long reign. We have received a suggestion that like the successful pedestrianisation of the top of Trafalgar Square we could close College Approach and King William Walk to traffic and whilst we believe that this idea would significantly enhance the area and access to the covered market and shops, any such scheme would need the widespread support of local residents, businesses and TfL regarding buses.


We believe that it is time for a change of approach and Greenwich Conservatives will work with all stakeholders to retain the heritage and character of the Town Centre as an attractive place for both visitors and locals to shop and for local businesses to thrive.