Plans for fire station rejected

Just before Christmas the Council rejected developer’s plans to build flats on the old Shooters Hill Police Station site.  The plan aimed to build a 3/4 storey block next to the police station and was rejected as it would have crowded too many homes on to the existing site, would not have looked right as part of the common and it would have destroyed eight trees. 

Shooters Hill Conservative Candidate Liz Drury said, “For once we can say the Council did something right in rejecting this application.  There are not enough amenities to support this development.  In my opinion, Labour should recognise how ridiculous it is to boast of allocating a room to the police above the Co-op or in a shop on Herbert Road when they are getting rid of a purpose built police station.”


Conservatives believe that we need more police on the streets of Shooters Hill and Plumstead Common.