The future of Greenwich Market

There has recently been much speculation about the possible future of Greenwich Market and local Conservatives Simon Gallie, Robert Dougans and Asif Bhatti have been taking a close interest and recently met with stall holders in the Market to listen to their concerns.


Assurances have been given by owner Greenwich Hospital Trust that no changes have been decided on and that they would not spend money on any proposal that did not have broad support.  


Local Conservative spokesman Simon Gallie said “The Council should be working with the Trust to develop an overall plan to improve the Centre of Greenwich (much of which is owned by the Trust) retaining what is good including its heritage and character. The Market with the vibrancy and individuality of the stalls and small shops is enjoyed by both visitors and locals and any action to oust them by unsustainable rent increases is not on”.


The Labour Council Leader has joined in the condemnation of the proposals and accused the Trust of “slowly killing Greenwich”. Local Conservatives believe that early, constructive engagement with the Trust would produce a better result.