Plumstead residents fed up with crime

Recently your Conservative Action Team surveyed over 1,000 residents in the Plumstead Common area and found that crime was among the top issues you were concerned about. 77% of residents surveyed said crime blighted their lives.


Many people wrote stories about things that had happened to them and often felt intimidated. This is no surprise as the number of incidents of actual bodily harm in Greenwich rocketed up by over half between April and September 2005. From 2004 to 2005, Violence against the person, Robbery, Burglary and Gun Crime were all up. Drug crime rose by over a third across the borough.

Conservatives believe that the more police are seen on the streets in Plumstead, the less likely it is that crime will occur. However, in the survey 45% of you couldn't remember the last time you saw a policeman walking down your road and almost every other person thought it had NEVER happened.

Plumstead resident and Conservative Action Team member Phil Hendren says, “We want to see more visible policing on the streets, more Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOS) – Greenwich council has only issued 19 since 1999.

“Quite simply, we do not believe that the police are being given the resources to do their job properly and the Council's conciliatory approach doesn't seem to be producing the results. Conservatives believe that Labour is soft on crime and a Conservative Council would make clear that law-breaking is unacceptable, not subject to negotiation.”