Labour forgets the majority of people - again

Labour's ill thought-out and controversial plans to allow round-the- clock drinking have been criticised by Conservatives in Eltham North. Under Labour's plans, local councillors and residents will be prevented from opposing late licences or new premises.  


New guidance from the Government advises that councils should not permit local ward councillors to consider applications from their own ward, because of a possible ‘bias’ against pubs and clubs.   

Local residents will also not be able to prevent events, such as raves, for up to 500 people, as the guidance does not allow objections to ‘temporary event notices’.  

Nigel Fletcher, Conservative candidate for Eltham North, attacked the plans, saying: 

“Tony Blair’s new licensing laws are an affront to local democracy. In many cases, the voice of local people in Eltham North will be silenced and we won't be able to object to controversial new late licences, which could increase noise and crime.  It is time to halt the implementation of these new licensing laws and give residents a proper say over the running of pubs and clubs in their neighbourhood.”