Time for value for money and lower taxes in Greenwich

Alistair Craig today laid down a challenge to Nick Raynsford MP to deny or come clean on plans to raise stealth taxes if Mr Blair wins a third term. The challenge follows new figures exposing how much extra the Government is now collecting in council tax in Greenwich and across England since 1997.

Alistair, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, explained,
“After seven years of Tony Blair’s Government, the tax system has become unfair and complex. Labour have put up taxes 66 times. Across Greenwich alone, the amount of money collected in council tax has risen by 63%, representing an extra £24.8 million a year snatched from the wallets of local residents. Council tax has soared everywhere. No wonder so many people think Mr Blair has forgotten them and that Britain is heading in the wrong direction.

“By contrast, Michael Howard laid out a series of practical proposals to cut waste and deliver value for money, allowing him to cut taxes: For example, by:
• Reducing red-tape and bureaucracy on local councils, by scaling back the conflicting and expensive armies of clipboard inspectors.
• Sacking the 300 sheep counters employed by Whitehall.
• Closing down the Government Office for London – pointless when London has a Mayor, Assembly, local councils and central government offices.

“Every single penny that politicians spend comes out of the pockets of hard working families. I fear that taxes will have to rise even more if Mr Blair wins again. This is why I am challenging the local Labour MP to rule out or come clean over plans to increase taxes, such as by placing capital gains tax on your home, VAT on food, increasing income tax or hiking National Insurance by stealth.”