Eltham North select candidate for Council By-election

Conservatives have announced their candidate for the forthcoming Eltham North by-election, which was today officially called for 10 February 2005.  Nigel Fletcher, a 24-year-old local resident, will contest the council seat which falls vacant following the resignation yesterday of Cllr Douglas Ellison.


Mr Fletcher (pictured right) is an experienced local campaigner who has been involved in campaigns such as opposing the closure of a local police station and calling for measures to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.  He works as an adviser on education policy and takes a keen interest in the quality of schools in the area.  Commenting on his selection, he said:


‘I look forward to fighting an energetic campaign over the next month, highlighting the issues that matter locally, such as crime and antisocial behaviour.  Residents in Eltham North need a strong voice to stand up for them and demand value for money from a wasteful Labour Council that has put up their taxes but proved to be all talk.  I hope people will give me the chance to follow the good work that Douglas has done in getting real results.’



Cllr Ellison resigned on Wednesday 5 January, due to family and work commitments which involve him moving abroad.  In a letter to local residents this week, he said:


‘I have been unexpectedly offered a job in New York which I have taken. Initially I thought that the assignment was temporary, but shortly before Christmas, it became clear that it would last at least three years. As a result, I have taken the decision to move my whole family to America for that period.  I feel privileged to have represented Eltham North for the last three years and I believe your Conservative Councillors have made a positive impact in many ways.  We have given Eltham a voice, as we promised to do, and I know that any Conservative successor will work as hard as we have.’