Greenwich Council Tax might soar to £1,232 a year

Alistair Craig, Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, warned this week that the Government was planning to engineer a council tax rise next year of up to four times the rate of inflation. This could mean an increase in Greenwich's council tax of £92 taking the typical Band D bill to £1,232 a year.


Analysis of the small print of the Gordon Brown’s own Pre-Budget Report published on 2 December, has admitted the council tax take across Britain is to rise next year by £1.6 billion from £19.7 billion this year – a rise of 8.1 per cent. At the same time, inflation next year is forecast to be just 1.75 per cent.

Alistair remarked, “Thanks to the Government’s fiddled funding, council tax has gone through the roof across the country. Under Tony Blair, council taxes in Greenwich have already risen from £821 to £1,140. Now I fear that Labour are engineering yet another stealth tax hike - of up to four times the rate of inflation. I am very concerned about the potential impact of council tax bills on hard-working families and pensioners on fixed incomes. Households this week are already facing the bad news of soaring water bills and train fares.

“Labour’s promises of more funding for councils are all talk. Councils’ costs – due to new regulations, burdens and laws imposed from Whitehall – are rising faster than central funding. The result is that council taxpayers end up footing the bill.

“Local taxpayers want councils to start delivering value for money services, and are fed up with more taxes, more spending and more waste.”