First 'Road Watch' Exercise Organised

Following a petition organised by the Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Action Team and signed by more than 400 residents, the police have organised the first 'Road Watch' Operation on Shooters Hill Road to monitor the speed of vehicles on the residential road.

Last year, the Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Action Team ran a petition calling on the Council, police and Transport for London to take action against speeding and noisy vehicles in the Blackheath area.

Since submitting the petition to these authorities at the end of 2016, the police have come forward with a number of proposals to tackle the issue such as the 'Road Watch' operations. The first of these took place on the 16th February and resulted in a driver receiving a warning notice. A second such exercise is to be held in the Westcombe Park area. 

Blackheath Westcombe ward councillor Geoff Brighty, who attended the ‘Road Watch’, said: "Residents across Blackheath Westcombe will be able to see a visible outcome from this petition. I hope that exercises such as these new ‘Road Watch’ sessions will make drivers take more care on our roads."

Kidbrooke Park Road resident Thomas Turrell commented: "These are residential streets and it's worrying that some drivers feel the need to drive at such speed down them. I am pleased that the petition has led to real action on the issue.”

Local campaigner Roger Tester added: "The police have been really proactive in responding to the petition. Noisy vehicles are a growing issue locally and residents have had enough - as demonstrated by the number of people who signed the petition over a relatively short space of time.”