Conservatives query lower planes over borough

Conservatives in Greenwich have raised concern that planes flying over the area, on route to Heathrow, appear to be flying lower and have become louder, especially across Eltham and Blackheath. Concern has been growing throughout the year.

Andrew Boff, a Conservative Member of the London Assembly, asked the Mayor of London if he was aware of any changes to the flight paths. The Mayor failed to answer the question, but did direct the question to another authority.

Greenwich Conservatives Transport and Environment Spokesman, Councillor Matt Clare, criticised the failure to respond saying: "It is hugely disappointing that Heathrow Airport has so far failed to acknowledge or reply to questions regarding increased aircraft noise under its flight path. Airports need to give much greater consideration to the impact noise pollution has on local areas. It would be unacceptable for any airport to make changes to flight paths that increased noise pollution without consulting both local authorities and residents."

Local campaigner Thomas Turrell contacted Heathrow over the summer to ask if flight paths had changed, but did not receive a response.

Thomas said: “Heathrow’s failure to respond to these questions shows the disregard for the residents beneath its flight paths. Heathrow needs to come clean and explain if the planes are getting lower and louder and, if so, why?”

Earlier this week, a London Conservative Member of Parliament, Dr Tania Mathias MP, called for aircraft noise to be classified as a statutory nuisance.