Call for action on speeding and noise pollution on Kidbrooke Park Road & Shooters Hill Road

Local Conservative councillor Geoff Brighty and campaigners Roger Tester and Thomas Turrell are petitioning Greenwich Council, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police to take action against speeding and noise pollution on Shooters Hill Road and Kidbrooke Park Close.

The petition, which can be signed online at, claims that the roads are plagued by noisy vehicles speeding along them. The petition also claims that the speeding makes these roads more dangerous and increases noise and air pollution.

 Local councillor Geoff Brighty said: “Residents have had enough. The main offenders appear to be modified cars and motorbikes. I want to see the appropriate authorities take action and ensure all drivers and road users are travelling both sensibly and safely.”

Kidbrooke Park Road resident Thomas Turrell added: “Every night, our street is blighted by noisy and dangerously fast vehicles travelling down it. It’s an accident waiting to happen. We need to get action before somebody gets hurt.”