Too many lorries for the Westcombe area

Residents in the Westcombe area have complained about what, they say, is a big increase in the number of Heavy Goods Vehicles on their roads. They believe many of the lorries are heading for the construction sites on the Peninsula and dodging congestion elsewhere on the road network.

At a recent Council meeting, Blackheath Westcombe Councillor, Geoff Brighty, asked the Greenwich Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for transport to  look into the issue.

Cllr Brighty said: “There have been concerns about more lorries using the Westcombe area generally - and Westcombe Hill in particular - and worries about whether the road is being used as a preferred route by construction companies."

The Council did carry out a survey a few months ago but claimed it was inconclusive. However it has agreed to carry out a repeat traffic and lorry count.  The Council also agreed to Cllr Brighty's proposal that the whole issue, including the results of the new survey when analysed, should be put to the Highways Committee, giving residents an opportunity to have their say