Matt Browne selected as Conservative candidate for Glyndon by-election

Matt Browne has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the Glyndon ward council by-election on 5th May. The contest follows the resignation of one of the ward's Labour councillors half way through the current council term.

Matt, 26, lives in Greenwich, works in communications, and is an Associate of Bright Blue.

Matt said: "I am delighted to be selected to contest this by-election and put the Conservative case in Glyndon between now and 5th May, including supporting Zac Goldsmith's campaign in the crucial Mayoral election.

"This is a ward that has always been held by the Labour Party but I know from knocking on doors already that many people are looking for change. Ultimately, one more Labour councillor on the council voting with the Labour leadership isn't going to make a difference - but one more Conservative councillor will help us to hold the council to account.

"It's the Conservatives who are standing up for residents across our borough - bringing about tougher action to tackle low pay, opposing Labour's unnecessary Council Tax rise and fighting the council's plans to close the Mobile Library. If elected I will do everything I can to fight for residents' interests and make sure their voices are heard."