Extra speed humps make it a rollercoaster ride for Kidbrooke residents

Residents ‎of Broad Walk in Kidbrooke have been left with a road punctuated with speed humps every few metres after Greenwich Council added more bumps before Christmas but failed to remove the existing ones.


The speed humps were put around the Begbie Road area as part of the introduction of a 20mph zone.  Broad Walk (which stretches from Kidbrooke to Shooters Hill) already had bumps in place to reduce traffic speeds, but the Council wanted to reduce the gap between speed humps for safety reasons from the current 100m to the more usual 75m. However, having added extra humps before Christmas, the Council neglected to remove the old ones, leaving residents with speed bumps every 20m or less in some places.  


Local resident Joe Canty who lives in a cul de sac off of Broad Walk said "I didn't realise the Council were putting in more speed humps until they blocked the road one morning as I tried to go to work. Fairly soon, going home was like driving along a rollercoaster with humps every few metres. It seems unnecessary to have quite so many speed humps - as soon as you've gone over one, you are faced with another.  You should hear my dad moan about his car suspension and I worry that big emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines will now find it much more difficult to navigate Broad Walk."


Eltham Councillor Spencer Drury was the only elected councillor (the others are eight Labour Counciillors) to formally respond to the consultation on the Begbie Road 20mph zone. Spencer said: "This is yet another example of Greenwich Council incompetence. While trying to follow Government guidance for speed humps to be every 75m for safety reasons, instead they have made it every 20 or less.  Broad Walk now seems to have more humps than flat road!  I simply can't understand why they didn't rip out the old speed humps when they put in the new ones.”


Update:  You'll be pleased to know since writing this story at the weekend, the Council has started to remove the speed humps, so our pressure has paid off (after two months).