Council finally confirms progress on car park for Coronet development

Years of questions from Conservative Councillor for Eltham North Spencer Drury finally seem to be yielding some sort of progress on the building of a car park outside the old Coronet cinema at Well Hall (now Kinesis Gym).

Problems with parking outside the rebuilt parade of shops and gym were predicted by Conservative Councillors when the old cinema was redeveloped and as a result of their questions a small (approx 20 space) car park was included outside the main entrance to the building. However, Council incompetence meant that the redevelopment was finished, shops opened, but the car park not built. It appeared that the developers had not provided a deadline to build the car park and had little intention of starting work on it as a result.

Cllr Spencer Drury and GLA Candidate Adam Thomas predicted parking problems at the start of the development.
However, local Councillor Spencer Drury kept up the pressure on the Council with regular questions in public and behind the scenes. In the Council Chamber, Spencer forced the Labour Cabinet responsible into an apology and a commitment to get the car park built so residents around the area were not forced to park some distance from their homes and shoppers did not have to stop on the pavement where they frequently received parking tickets.

At the end of November in answer to a question from Spencer and then Conservative Councillor Nigel Fletcher, which was initially asked in February 2014, Council Officers stated “We have now heard back from the planners and the developer has a steer on how to progress, they have instructed a consultant to get the construction design done, to amend the layout and install the parking.” The email goes on to explain that the planning and design phase should take a few months and then they can build the car park.

Spencer commented “This has been a real saga, with Council incompetence mixed with developer intransigence to create a situation where the car park Conservative Councillors predicted would be needed was simply never built. This mess has hit shops at Well Hall as customers can't stop and residents who can't park, so I do hope that this positive news turns into action leading to the car park being in built in the spring of 2016.”

“I will obviously keep up the pressure on the Council to ensure that this project is completed, but the phrase 'don't hold your breath' seems designed for this situation.”