Council to Charge for Coach Parking?

Currently coach parking in Charlton Way is free and well used by coach operators bringing tourists to the area.  Some residents think they should pay, some would like to see a reduction in coach numbers.  A recent report to Greenwich Council's Highways Committee referred to further work being undertaken on charging but did not make recommendations.

So Blackheath Westcombe Councillor, Geoff Brighty, pressed the point at a full Council meeting on 28th October asking whether the Council would charge coach operators to park on Charlton Way.  While the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport replied that the Council was not considering charging at this time he went on to say that he would not rule it out in future.

As the Highways Committee report pointed out the O2 has a large private coach parking facility available for non-event parking with toilet and refreshment facilities for drivers.  The cost is £10 for up to 6 hours, £20 for 6-12 hours and £42 for up to 24 hours.  The report also points to the City of Westminster which charges £4 per hour for on-street bays with free short-term pick up/drop-off bays close to the main attractions.

As Geoff says  "There appears to be a potential source of income for the Royal Borough of Greenwich, together with a greater element of control, with on street charging while an O2 option would have the advantage of possibly reducing, if not removing altogether, coach parking from Charlton Way  - though it might increase coach movements in parts of the Borough already facing heavy traffic problems.

Greenwich should certainly give further serious consideration to the options for charging coach operators as do other tourist attractions – for example Rochester, Tower of London, Canterbury were also referred to in the report.

I also raised other issues which included coach engines left running, which the Council is seeking to address, overnight parking and the use of toilet facilities by drivers which the Council also need to address."