Scoreboard finally secured

In response to questions from Conservative Councillor Spencer Drury, Greenwich Labour Council has publicly agreed to replace the electronic scoreboard and timing system used for competitive galas at the Eltham Swimming Pool.

The scoreboard, timing and sound systems have not been working properly since the Eltham Centre was opened.

The question about replacing the scoreboard and timing system resulted from the issue being raised with Councillor Drury by a regular supporter of Greenwich Royals Swimming Club.   Competitive swimmers expressed their embarrassment about the fact that Eltham appeared to be the only venue across the country that could not properly time competitions.

In response to Spencer’s question, the Labour Cabinet Member said: “As a result the Council, together with GLL, has sought to replace the current timing system with a new one.” 

The Council committed to installing the equipment early next year.

As a parent, Spencer used to regularly watch galas as a supporter of Greenwich Borough Mariners and Greenwich Royals Swimming Clubs. He says:“I am so pleased that my intervention appears to have prodded the Council into finally committing publically to the replacement and a timescale for the work.  

“Despite promises when the Eltham Centre opened of a state-of-the-art, electronically accurate scoring system for high-level gala competitions used for boroughs across the UK – the scoring system never worked properly and from the start was an embarrassment. 

“At one competition I attended in 2013 - volunteers were timing the results by hand and sending the pieces of paper up to the scoreboard tied to a piece of string, so that officers could enter it manually into the computer.  That was only two years ago and still there has been no public commitment to improve this fiasco until now.

“Greenwich Royals swimmers will in future hopefully now have a scoring and timing system that functions properly and is befitting of this level of competitive sport.  I have raised this on many occasions in the past and its replacement will be very welcome.   I will obviously monitor the situation to ensure that the Council delivers on its promise.”