Welcome for pedestrian crossing upgrade by TfL

Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillor Geoff Brighty has welcomed the work to improve pedestrian safety at the crossing on Shooters Hill Road atVicarage Avenue/Kidbrooke Grove.

The upgrade carried out by TfL, andjust finished, has installed extra columns of traffic lights so that drivers are made more aware of the crossing as they approach. A countdown for pedestrians has also been introduced so they can see how long there is left to cross before the lights change.
Councillor Brighty said: "The crossing seems to come as a surprise to many drivers and I have had complaints about drivers missing, or sometimes deliberately running, the red lights, which I have taken up with TfL and Greenwich Council. There should be less reason for that to happen now. Some residents have felt nervous about using the crossing because of that and, hopefully, it will now become safer as a result of these changes. The countdown is increasingly being brought in around the capital and I am glad we have it here on such a busy road."