On Blackheath: Your views wanted

Greenwich Conservatives are asking Blackheath Westcombe residents for their views on the recent On Blackheath festival, which is now in its second year. Local Conservatives carried out the similar survey last year which suggested the organisers did a good job of  keeping disruption to a minimum, however it appears this may not have been the case with the second event. 

Local conservative councillor Geoff Brighty said “It is important that any event on the heath causes minimum disruption to local residents. My hope with this survey is that I can ensure the views of local people are heard in preparation for any future event”.

Early indications suggest that the second On Blackheath may have caused more disruption on the Saturday, particularly around noise, with many local residents taking to social media to complain.

Blackheath resident Thomas Turrell said “Despite living over a mile from the event it sounded like the music was coming from a house on the street. It is important that the organisers show respect to local residents and the community”.

Take part in the survey

You can take part in the survey by e-mailing your answers to the following questions to office@greenwichconservatives.com

1) Do you feel the On Blackheath Festival benefited the local area?


2) Did the festival cause you any disruption/ inconvenience?


3) Is there anyway you feel the organisers could improve the festival if it returns next year? (Please specify)


4) Should the festival be allowed to return next year?