Councillors respond to Eltham High Street plans

Conservative councillors have submitted a collective response to plans to transform Eltham High Street with investment from the Mayor of London.

While welcoming many aspects of the proposals, they have serious concerns over the reduction of parking spaces and proposed extension of parking stays beyond 30 minutes.

In preparing the response, councillors spoke with a large number of residents in the wards they represent, traders and community groups.

They strongly oppose the proposed 75% reduction in car parking on the High Street as a result of these proposals. Councillors believe the reduction in car parking at a time when the demand for extra spaces is increasing as a result of the Community Hospital (and the cinema, in the future) is a serious mistake.

They also believe the proposals’ claim that this reduction will be compensated by extra nearby spaces as a result of the separate controlled parking zones (CPZ) plans is misleading. The CPZs have been marketed to residents as a way of allowing them to park outside their own homes and, clearly, these roads already have enough parking on them for the CPZs to be needed in the first place.

Councillors also strongly oppose the proposed change to High Street parking that would allow drivers to extend their stays beyond 30 minutes, which risks further seriously damaging businesses in the High Street.

Proposals to transform Passey Place with a larger pedestrianised area, new paving, a new screen and - possibly - a new name have been welcomed, but further consideration needs to be given to the area's residents' parking.

They have also called for fresh ideas on the regeneration of the tram sheds, a rethink on some additional new tree planting and another look at the ideas for the High Street junction with Footscray Road.

Royal Borough of Greenwich officers will be considering these views - along with the wider public consultation - in the coming weeks, before reporting back.