Council obfuscates over stopping of Eltham's clock

Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury has continued to put pressure on Greenwich Council over its failure to ensure that Eltham's prominent church clock tells the right time.

At July's Council meeting, Spencer secured a commitment from the Council Leader that 'the door is always open' if the church requires support in making sure St John the Baptist Church clock is not to be permanently stuck at midday.

Councillor Drury’s question followed an article in July's SE9 magazine (Our Town Clock Stopped), which reported that the Council had refused to fund maintenance of the clock as it has done in the past. Further research by Eltham Conservatives has established that the Council previously has undertaken regular servicing of the clock, but its last expenditure was in 2012, when £1,243 was spent on a service and some repairs.

At the same time as refusing to fund the repairs of Eltham's landmark clock, the Council is continuing to ensure that four other clocks are maintained, including the one at the Clockhouse Community Centre in Woolwich, which is well off the beaten track for most residents.

Councillor Drury commented: “The Council's decision to stop supporting £400 each year for a major landmark in Eltham is simply wrong. The Mayor of London is investing millions of pounds in Eltham High Street and the Council is prioritising a cinema, but basic housekeeping, such as ensuring the town centre clock works, seems beyond them. It is a real shame and shows a lack of joined-up thinking about supporting Eltham and its High Street.”