Conservatives secure funding to help tackle notorious New Eltham junction

Work by Conservative councillors has secured funding to tackle one of the borough’s most notorious junctions. Following a petition led by Eltham South ward councillor Nuala Geary, the junction around New Eltham station is about to be reviewed by Transport For London (TfL) using sophisticated computer modeling.

Around £10,000 has been earmarked for the ambitious project, where powerful computers will model a set of different scenarios to make the lights – which can cause lengthy queues of traffic – more effective. Currently, around 13,000 vehicles a day use each of the three roads – Southwood, Avery Hill and Footscray – that serve it, along with no less than buses on six routes.

Investigative work has already revealed that faulty lights at the entrance to New Eltham Station, also situated at the junction, have contributed to the problem. That has now been fixed, but more needs to be done.

“This junction has needed attention for some time,” said Councillor Geary, who secured almost 200 signatures from residents, calling on the Council to work with TFL on the problem.

“I am pleased it is finally being looked at and will be working with officers and my ward colleagues on making sure remedial work is undertaken as soon as possible.”

The analysis started in June and an update on its findings is expected later this summer.