General Election results

The voting is over and the counting is done - and we would like to thank everyone in Greenwich who voted Conservative in last week's General Election, and the council by-election in Greenwich West ward held on the same day.

Election results

Eltham Parliamentary Constituency

Clive Efford (Labour)18,393   42.6%
Spencer Drury (Conservative)               15,700              36.4%          
Peter Whittle (UKIP)6,48115.0%
Alexander Cunliffe (Lib Dem)1,3083.0%
James Parker (Green)1,2753.0%

Turnout = 67.4%

Greenwich & Woolwich Parliamentary Constituency

Matthew Pennycook (Labour)24,38452.2%
Matt Hartley (Conservative)                   12,438       26.6%       
Ryan Acty (UKIP)3,8888.3%
Abideen Akinoshun (Green)2,9916.4%
Tom Holder (Lib Dem)2,6455.7%
Lynne Chamberlain (TUSC)3700.8%

Turnout = 63.7%

Erith & Thamesmead Parliamentary Constituency

Teresa Pearce (Labour)21,209   49.8%
Anna Firth (Conservative)              11,684           27.4%         
Ronie Johnson (UKIP)7,36817.3%
Simon Waddington (Lib Dem)              9722.3%
Ann Garrett (Green)9412.2%
Sid Cordle (CPA)2550.6%
Graham Moore (ED)1880.4%

Turnout = 61.1%

Greenwich West council by-election

Mehboob Khan (Labour)3,430   
Thomas Turrell (Conservative)2,466
Robin Stott (Green)1,452
Sonia Karin Dunlop (Lib Dem)756
Paul Butler (UKIP)422
Christina Charles (Independent)                138
Sara Kasab (TUSC)80

Turnout = 64.13%