Safer crossing at Shooters Hill Road / Stratheden Road? - TfL Proposals

Following consultation with local residents a year ago TfL has said that it will be going ahead with its proposed pedestrian and cycle improvements at the junction of the A2 Shooters Hill Road with Stratheden Road and Prince of Wales Road. As local residents know only too well it is a difficult place for pedestrians and cyclists wanting to cross and the TfL proposals are aimed at improving the situation.

These include replacing the staggered 2-stage pedestrian crossing on the eastern arm of Shooters Hill Road with a straight across signalised pedestrian crossing and widening the existing island at the top of Prince of Wales Road and providing a central refuge island on Prince of Wales Road to enable pedestrians to cross in two stages.

The consultation revealed considerable opposition, backed by Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty, to a proposal to implement a left turn ban from Prince of Wales Road into Shooters Hill Road and safety concerns about a proposal to allow cyclists to turn right from Prince of Wales Road into Shooters Hill Road. Both have now been dropped by TfL.

Cllr Geoff Brighty said

"I had otherwise broadly welcomed the original proposals and I am pleased that TfL acknowledged the opposition to these two ideas. In my submission I did call for a controlled crossing at the Shooters Hill Road end of Stratheden Road, and said that crossing the western arm of the A2 would remain dangerous, but TfL have ruled out any new measures. It is disappointing especially as we have several schools in the immediate area."

TfL say additional signalised pedestrian crossings at the junction were considered but would cause significant delay and congestion and that the option of adding a pedestrian island there "is not feasible due to space constraints".

Work is expected to start in late 2015. For further information please visit