Reprieve for popular our of hours service Grabadoc

Greenwich Conservatives welcomed news announced yesterday (Thursday 12th February) that NHS Greenwich CCG had agreed to ‘rewind’ the tendering process for urgent care and out of hours medical services in the Borough as a result of an error during the previous process.   

Cllr Spencer Drury, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, had raised serious concerns about the process with the CCG ( and written to the Labour Cabinet Member about it.  Initial responses had not seemed promising, but under threat of legal action from Grabadoc and pressure from Spencer the CCG caved in and agreed to restart the process.  The statement by the CCG said:

“A revised timetable is being drawn up with our aim remaining to bring in the new model of care for the benefit of local people as soon as is practical. The existing contracts with Hurley Group for the Urgent Care Centre and Grabadoc Healthcare Society for GP out of hours have been extended for six months, with a break clause of three months, to ensure the continuity of safe services.”

Spencer welcomed the news of the changed decision:

“This is excellent news – there is now a chance Grabadoc will be retained as the out of hours provider for the Borough.  Grabadoc is an excellent service and I hope that the new bidding process will take that into account - I often feel the Council undervalues a record of success and the CCG should not make the same mistake.”

“Of course I would also like to see it retained on it present site where parking is not at a premium as a move the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as planned by the CCG and Council will make it much harder to access the Grabadoc or any replacement.”