Holding Southeastern trains and Network Rail to account. Minimising disruption during London Bridge station redevelopment.

The poor performance of Southeastern trains has angered many Greenwich borough residents for a considerable time.

The situation has worsened since Charing Cross bound trains have stopped calling at London Bridge.

Cllr Matt Clare (Greenwich Conservatives Transport spokesperson) said ‘Some journeys to London Bridge from local stations are now 10 minutes longer each way as passengers are forced to take Cannon Street services which have additional stops as well as padding in the timetable so Southeastern can claim to run a punctual service.

When extra time to enter/exit London Bridge is also factored in many daily commuters from Greenwich Borough are losing over 1h30 of their time each week. This is totally unacceptable.’

While the London Bridge works are essential we believe the degree of disruption can be significantly reduced with more passenger focus and determination from Southeastern and Network Rail.

As your Councillors we asked to meet with Southeastern trains and Network Rail to hold them to account and to try to find ways of improving journeys for Eltham people.

The meeting will take place at Woolwich Town Hall on Thursday February 19th at 7pm. Please join if you can.

We’ve put a number of points forward to be covered in the meeting (list below) but would be very keen to hear if you have any others.

Please also join with hundreds of other frustrated commuters and sign our petition (Led by Matt Hartley (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich) )at sortitsoutheastern.com

Questions we’ve already submitted for the 19th February meeting:

  • What more can be done operationally on the ground (e.g. more proactive driver/platform input) to dispatch trains more quickly and reduce snowballing delays, particularly in the morning rush hour?
Why is there now so much padding in timetables on some routes (e.g. 5/6 min combined wait at Hither Green and Lewis ham on morning rush hour trains) and when will this be reviewed?

  • Many commuters now have additional stops e.g. New Cross and St Johns on Cannon St trains as opposed to previously fast Charing Cross trains to London Bridge. Has the 'burden of additional stops' been shared across all lines?
  • Several residents have said that Charing Cross rush hour trains have considerably more space than overcrowded Cannon Street services. Will carriages be reallocated from Charing Cross trains to make 12 car trains on busier services? If not why can this not be done?

Can Barclays cycle hire be put in place at key Southeastern stations such as Deptford/New Cross/Lewisham/St Johns/Greenwich/Hither Green as well as New Cross Gate Overground which would facilitate more options for those with longer journeys/diversions/timetable gaps over the next 3 years? (Question for TFL)

  • Can a 2012 Olympics style 'work from home one day a week' push be pursued with businesses for employees who can work from home? 

  • Could exceptional discounts be considered on off peak fares into London Bridge during the works to try to reduce rush hour use? (We appreciate that this may require an exception and system developments due to TFL zonal rules)

Will additional railings be installed at the northern ends of London Bridge platforms where pedestrian traffic is high but no boarding takes place even on 12 car trains, meanwhile trains entering/leaving London Bridge are at their fastest here? (To reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents)

Please contact Councillor Matt Clare if there are additional points you would like to raise at the meeting: matt.clare1@btinternet.com