No more big splash in South Row?

Blackheath Westcombe Ward Conservative Councillor, Geoff Brighty, is pleased that neighbouring Lewisham Council has been working to sort out the "ponding" problem which happens after even moderate rainfall at the corner of Pond Road and South Row on the border between the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Lewisham.

Many residents have complained about the effect of water collecting and spreading across the road making it difficult for motorists to avoid and often giving unwary pedestrians a soaking. Geoff said " I had complaints from Blackheath Westcombe residents about the surface water and the problems it caused them and, indeed, experienced it myself. It took some time to persuade Lewisham to take action and they needed some while to work out the best way of beating the problem and to sort out the finance. The work started just before Christmas and it is very much hoped that it will prove successful. "

Lewisham decided that additional drainage capacity was needed to ensure that ponding at the junction was minimised. It is envisaged that the surface water will be transported under gravity to the soakaway drain in the heath opposite Pond Road. The works were expected to last three weeks. A small area of South Row surfacing was due to be re-graded as part of the work to ensure that water flows in the direction of the additional gully that will be installed.

Local resident Simon Scott Plummer said: “I had been trying for five years, in vain, to persuade Lewisham Borough Council to install a gully at the junction of South Row and Pond Road to drain the huge puddle which formed there during heavy rain. It took the intervention of Geoff Brighty with the Council to get something done. A tiresome hazard for pedestrians on the way to the village has been removed.”