Spencer Drury made Patron of Fair Votes for All campaign

The Fair Votes for All campaign has welcomed Spencer Drury, Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, as a Patron. This campaign is calling for English votes for English issues to be introduced into the House of Commons as soon as possible. To help support this campaign in Eltham, Spencer has invited Cabinet Minister Oliver Letwin MP to speak about English votes for English issues on Monday evening.

Spencer commented, “I am delighted to become a Patron of the Fair Votes for All campaign. This is a matter of fairness for people in Eltham whose voice in Parliament is currently diluted by Scottish MPs. With more powers being devolved to Scotland following the independence referendum last year, it is not fair that Scottish MPs continue to determine issues that do not affect their constituents. We should be able to decide our own priorities in our classrooms and in our NHS. “Unlike Clive Efford who is determined to continue placing the Labour’s narrow partisan political interest ahead of delivering fairness, I am determined to sort this out.”

Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Fair Votes for All campaign, said, “I am glad to welcome Spencer as a Patron of the campaign. Spencer is a fantastic local representative who is standing up for Eltham. As more powers are handed over to the Scottish Parliament, this basic constitutional unfairness cannot be ignored any longer.”

Oliver Letwin MP is speaking on Monday 19th January 2015 from 7pm at the Colfeians Sport Club (Horn Park), Eltham Road, Lee, SE12 8UE (entrance opposite Weigall Road)