Conservatives push road repairs and street cleaning up the agenda

Local Conservatives have successfully pushed road repairs and street cleaning up the agenda in Greenwich as the council's new four-year term gets started in earnest.

Opposition Conservative councillors have made successful proposals for Cleansweep and road repairs to be included in the work programme of the council's Overview and Scrutiny panels for the coming year, including consideration of

  • "The implementation of the council’s current road repairs programme, covering how potholes and other road defects are identified, prioritised and dealt with – including how complaints from residents about particular roads are handled, and how the council communicates and engages with residents as part of the process."
  • "The operation of the council’s Cleansweep service, to cover scheduling, workload, responsiveness, communication and engagement with residents and the allocation of resources in different areas of the Borough."

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Cllr Matt Hartley, who made the proposals, said: "We all know from listening to residents in our wards that there are genuine concerns over some aspects of the way that street-cleaning and road repairs are carried out across the borough, and as we promised the voters in May, we are pushing for action on these two issues.  Securing a place for both to be considered as part of this year's Overview & Scrutiny work programme is a good start - and we will keep residents updated."

The move comes after news that the Conservative-led government has awarded £309,488 to the Royal Borough of Greenwich towards repairing potholes across the borough, as part of a £10million London-wide fund for pothole repairs.  Cllr Matt Hartley questioned how and where this money will be spent at last month's council meeting, with Labour's Cllr Denise Hyland, the new Leader of the Council, suggesting it would be "added to the pot" and used for the "100 worst roads in the borough".