After the Dear Leader: Glasnost or a Kim-Jong Un style crackdown on democratic opposition in Greenwich?

Was the first meeting of Greenwich Council the start of a new, more open and positive era under new Leader Cllr Denise Hyland or a taste of even more partisan politics under the new intake of Labour Councillors with the goal of Greenwich becoming a 'one party state' in the mould of Newham or Barking & Dagenham? (Where every councillors is Labour)


Conservative councillors unanimously voted for the new Mayor and Leader of the Opposition Cllr Spencer Drury had some warm words to say about new Mayor Cllr Mick Hayes who graciously acknowledged them with a smile and a nod. 


We genuinely wish Cllrs Hyland, Hayes and Fahy (Deputy Leader) the very best of luck on both a personal level and for Greenwich. We very much want them to succeed, although this will require a substantial change in direction on a number of policies.


This cross party cooperation which, let's face it, the real people outside of politics want to see far far more of, sadly lasted only a few minutes and was all one way.


The olive branch Greenwich Conservative Cllrs held out to Labour counterparts was snapped in pieces and thrown straight back at them with utter contempt.


Greenwich Conservative Councillors put forward a number of candidates to serve voluntarily on bodies which sit outside of the Council but for which the Council votes on its own appointees.


As you will see from examples below the Conservative candidates all have skills and experience which would greatly benefit the organisations. Nevertheless Labour Councillors unanimously voted every single Conservative nomination down. Some did so with a smirk which perhaps shows the said individuals contempt for multi party debate.


Candidates included:


Reserve Forces & Cadets Association - Cllr John Hills who served in the Army for 10 years and  is an honorary life member of the Ghurkas Association and President of the Army Associations of Kent.  John was rejected in favour of a Labour Councillor who has been nominated to this body for four years, but has yet to attend a single meeting.


John Roan Foundation - Ex Cllr Alex Wilson who was a member of the foundation for 3 years and helped the school stop the move to the Greenwich Peninsula and develop on its current sites. Alex was the ONLY candidate from both parties. Labours spitefulness has deprived the foundation of any council representative for the time being.


Blackheath Joint Working Party - Cllr Geoff Brighty who has served Blackheath Westcombe as a Cllr for many years. He has a highly detailed knowledge of the area and excellent relationships with key people.


Town Twinning Ctee - Cllr Matt Clare, a fluent French speaker who had put forward ideas in writing to Labour Cllrs about approaching a 'close fitting' municipality in France so 'Local pupils from can benefit from lower cost school exchanges just as working class kids like my brother and I did'


Conservative Councillors in Greenwich will continue to provide constructive opposition. 


We are neither toffs nor swivel eyed right wingers but a group of ordinary working people who want to give Greenwich borough the best schools, low crime, clean air and a prosperous local economy.


Greenwich and her people are far more important than petty point scoring and games. 


In the face of our constructive and respectful opposition we hope that the Labour Party will reciprocate by allowing the only other elected party in Greenwich to play its full role.