Secretive Council refuses to publish Greenwich Time defence

Greenwich Council have refused to publish their defence to Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)  of their propaganda rag ‘Greenwich Time’


In response to a request by Cllr Spencer Drury (Leader of the Conservative Group) the Chief Executive of the Council stated:


“…out of courtesy to the Secretary of State we had decided not to make the submission public during the time when he would be considering it and determining his action . We have therefore not made any public comment on the matter and still await his determination.”


However, Spencer was informed yesterday by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) that they were intending on publishing the Greenwich Council’s response themselves as a result of a Freedom of Information request from a member of the public.  Spencer was informed of this because a letter to him from the District Auditor was included in Labour’s defence of Greenwich Time.


Spencer said “It is simply a disgrace that Greenwich Council is attempting to hide its defence of Greenwich Time.  Local bloggers (like 853) and Conservative politicians have demolished almost all of the arguments that the Labour Council have used and by hiding their response they can continue to make factually incorrect claims without challenge.”


“Personally I am also shocked that I am clearly referred to in the Council’s submission but I have not been given a chance to clarify for Eric Pickles whether any of the things which have been written about me are true.”


“Greenwich’s one party state, with its own newspaper defending its policies and presenting one side of any event is indefensible.  It should go and I hope Eric Pickles stops its publication in future.  Nothing has changed at the Council under the new leadership – same old secrets and lack of honesty.  It takes an appeal to a Conservative minister to get the Council’s defence of its propaganda rag published.”