Biography of Woolwich West Conservative MP Kingsley Wood published

Last week “Making the Heavens Hum: Kingsley Wood and the Art of the Possible
1881-1924” was launched.  The book focuses on Kingsley Wood's early career in the social, economic and political circumstances of the time.  Wood was one of the LCC Councillors for Woolwich from 1911 to 1918 and then MP for Woolwich West from 1918 to 1943.  

This book is Part 1 of Kingsley Wood’s first biography, covering the years 1881-1924, the initial two-thirds of his life. It is the story of an independent, innovative and self-made man who followed his instincts and beliefs.

Born in Hull into a family of Liberal Methodists, Kingsley Wood was a solicitor and poor man’s lawyer committed to individual rights, one-nation politics and applied Christianity. First a local Conservative politician, then a national one, he delivered change, not least social reform, and would now be described as the person to “go
to”, the man who got things done.

Wood helped national insurance and the Ministry of Health into being and oversaw the “homes for heroes” housing programme after World War I. He campaigned for allotments, earlier shop closing, the right to jury trial and the rule of law. He was instrumental in the downfall of the first Labour government in 1924. He was then aged forty-three and about to embark on the ministerial career that took him into the
government and then the Cabinet over the next nineteen years. Winston Churchill appointed him Chancellor of the Exchequer in May 1940, the office he still held at his death in September 1943.


Further information on Making the Heavens Hum: Kingsley Wood and the Art of the Possible 1881-1924 Author Hugh Gault  ISBN 978-0-9562041-7-2 xii + 276pp
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