New Cafe to open following Coldharbour Conservatives' Mend The Mound campaign

A New Eltham couple's plans for a new Cafe at Number 8, The Mound on the Coldharbour estate received planning permission yesterday, in another success for local Conservatives' Mend The Mound campaign to force the council to end its neglect of the shops.

Cllr John Hills, Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst and Conservative council candidate Matt Hartley launched their Mend The Mound petition last year, and it has since received the backing of more than 750 local residents.  The petition forced the Labour-run council to progress the application for the Cafe earlier this year after an inexplicable two-year delays, despite the premises remaining empty all that time.

The Cafe, which will be called Cafe Mound, aims to open in July, and the local Conservative team is looking forward to being amongst its first customers.  

Cllr John Hills said: "We would like to thank the huge numbers of local people who have backed our 3-point plan to Mend The Mound so far.  Along with the promised lighting improvements, the new Cafe has only been made possible thanks to your support."

Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst said: "I am sure that the Cafe is going to get a great deal of business - we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback to the idea during the campaign."

Conservative council candidate Matt Hartley, who has played a leading role in the Mend The Mound campaign, added: "I am absolutely thrilled that the campaign we started back last year has been so well received - and that the new Cafe will be opening at Number 8 as a result.  

"Our battle to force the Labour-run council to take real action to Mend The Mound is far from over, but this is a significant victory that will spur us on to put even more pressure on them to give the shops the attention they need."

The team recently published the results of our Mend The Mound questionnaire, completed by more than 450 Coldharbour residents, which confirmed the huge public demand for a wider range of businesses at the shops.  They will be using this evidence in their ongoing efforts to persuade the council to take action on the remaining two empty premises.  The Mend THe Mound campaign's continued successes come despite Labour Cabinet Members admitting at a council meeting in March that they have 'no plans' for the shops.

Residents can also show their support by liking the campaign on Facebook at