Conservatives strong support for cycling in Greenwich

Conservatives have long been supportive of diverting wasted investment from the Labour council’s vanity projects and initiatives (Greenwich Time, Tall Ships, Green Flag awards...) to infrastructure for safer cycling in the borough.

We have held the Labour council to account for its childish refusal to engage with the Mayor of London’s cycling commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, a renowned journalist, Greenwich resident and passionate cyclist.

The Labour council’s attitude is likely to have cost the Royal Borough £millions in lost investment for cycling, which may have helped deliver projects such as a ‘Mini Holland’ in Greenwich town centre.

Monday 5th May was the ‘Council Candidates bike ride’ held by Greenwich Cyclists to consider local cyclists’ “ward asks” and to look at several places where cycling infrastructure still needs improvement. Candidates from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were in attendance but, strangely, no council candidate from the Labour party, which has led the council since the days of the Raleigh Chopper (1971).

Cllr Matt Clare took part in the Candidates ride for the Conservatives. He and colleagues are following up with Council officers on a number of improvement opportunities including the following:

-          Getting a timetable for the Blackheath Royal standard ‘cut through’, which will make journeys by bike safer and save cyclists around ¼ mile

-          Creating green tarmac boxes at traffic lightswhere cyclists are particularly at risk

-          Building a cycle path through Cutty Sark Gardens, turning left towards the Greenwich foot tunnel entranceand ensuring that this is sufficiently segregated/differentiated to avoid pedestrian/cyclist danger

-          Improving the shared (pedestrian/cyclist) space from the Thames path/entrance of the Blackwall Tunnel, at Tunnel Avenue to the footbridge over the A102. Also, resurfacing and looking into tree or shrub planting here, as this is one of the most polluted areas in London

-          Opening the tunnel under the A2, which is blocked off at the end of Foxhole Road, Eltham West. We understand that this was closed due to concerns around antisocial behaviour. However it is frustrating that more could not be done such as locking it at night, installing CCTV, or just more enforcement. Now both cyclists and pedestrians from the Foxhole road area have a very long walk around to the Pleasaunce and sports fields, whereas before they had a simple cut-through.

Last year, Cllr Matt Clare took council officers around Eltham to highlight a number of unsafe junctions and improvement opportunities for cycling. Following this, officers are looking to deliver a number of improvements. Please contact matt.clare1@btinternet.comif you would like to discuss any improvements to cycling infrastructure in Greenwich Borough.