Charles Tannock visits residents still recovering from the Christmas flood in Eltham

MEP for London Charles Tannock visited residents of Westhorne Avenue this evening with Conservative Council Group Leader Spencer Drury to see what progress had been made in restoring their homes.

Unfortunately the answer appears to be very little in many cases and although some progress has been made for Mrs Hamilton-Jones further down the road Mr and Mrs Seago found very little work had been completed in their property.  Mr and Mrs Seago are still eating in the summer house in the garden as their kitchen and living room are still not properly renovated (or even had work started on them).

Spencer said "I cannot believe that the work on these houses has not been completed or in some cases even started.  The flood was on Christmas eve and after months of living in dreadful conditions (or having been moved out of their homes, too many residents have been let down by the insurance companies."


Below Charles is pictured talking to Mrs Hamilton-Jones.