Conservative councillors work with residents to save historical Eltham site

Conservative councillors Adam Thomas and Matt Clare working with Riefield Road Residents' Association, have managed to prevent the over development of 157 Bexley Road, after a further application was put in by developers for a 3 storey block of flats. 

The former Farm House of the original Avery Hill estate was set to be demolished and replaced with a block of flats.  The site at 157 Bexley Road has been the subject of a number of planning applications for demolition and has been saved again thanks to residents and local councillors raising objections.  

The building which is currently empty, was originally part of the Avery Hill Estate of the famous Colonel North, who built the Avery Hill Mansion now part of Greenwich University's campus, in the 1880s - 157 Bexley Road was the farmhouse, built in 1888. 

The latest proposals were opposed by the Riefield Road Residents' Association and the Friends of Avery Hill Park, over 60 local residents, as well as local Conservative councillors Adam Thomas and Matt Clare, who would like to see the house brought back into use as an important part of Eltham's history restored.

Following confirmation that the block had been refused permission this morning, Cllr Adam Thomas said:

"This is a real victory for all of the hard work put in by residents living on Eltham Heights, the proposed scheme was completely inappropriate for this very sensitive area.  It's important to state that residents aren't opposed to development on this site, but has to be something which mirrors what already exists.  What we need now is a proper plan to bring this great building back into use."