Geoff and Thomas Back Space for Cycling in Blackheath Westcombe

2014 Conservative Candidates for Blackheath Westcombe ward Cllr Geoff Brighty and Thomas Turrell have both given their support for the ‘Space for Cycling Campaign’ which aims to make the roads in the ward safer for cyclists.

Last year Conservative Councillors in Greenwich put pressure on Greenwich Council to work with the Mayor of London’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan after the Labour-run Council refused to work with him because he had criticised them in the past. As a result of this petty behaviour from the Labour party Greenwich has lost thousands of pounds in potential invest in cycling safety in the borough.

Conservative Councillor for Blackheath Westcombe, Cllr Geoff Brighty said “Just like the Conservative Mayor of London I want to see more done to improve safety for cyclists so I am pleased to support this positive campaign to improve safety and save lives. Research has recently suggested that one of the main obstacles that stops more people cycling is concerns about safety in order to address this we need to create more space for cyclists and space that protects them”.

Conservative Candidate for Blackheath Westcombe ward Thomas Turrell added “The current road network was designed and built for cars, we need to address concerns about the road layout and lack of space for cycling if we are going to succeed in getting greater numbers of people to cycle”.