Huntsman Appeal Decision

Many Cator Estate residents will have been pleased to hear that, following a lengthy public inquiry, the Planning Inspector has dismissed the developer's appeal and refused planning permission for the current proposed development on the site.


A key element of the application was to have a single point for vehicular access to the west of the site at the junction of Brooklands Park and Manor Way and this was one of the main concerns raised by residents.  As part of the Kidbrooke Vision it was always understood that the main access to the development on the former playing fields would be from the east side helping to integrate the development with the Kidbrooke regeneration project.  This was acknowledged by the Inspector.  He also expressed serious reservations about highway and pedestrian safety at the corner of Brooklands Park and Manor Way and the likely effect of increased traffic on the Cator Estate and the Blackheath Park Conservation Area.


Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty said:  "Having opposed the plans I was very pleased that the Planning Inspector decided to dismiss the appeal and that planning permission has been refused.  His decision upholds the views and concerns we have all expressed - not least about the proposal to bring a significant amount of extra traffic onto Cator Estate roads."


The developer will no doubt now bring forward another scheme - one which reflects the decision.


Conservative candidate for Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward Ben Mawji (who lives on the Cator Estate) has committed to oppose any development on the Huntsman’s Field which changes the character of Cator Estate.