No Labour apology over Hornfair Lido fiasco

Earlier this year, Greenwich Council decided to close Hornfair Lido on health and safety grounds.  It had been known for a year that work would be required to open the Lido this summer, but the Council had failed to undertake any of the necessary maintenance prior to July.

£57,900 needed to be spent on repairs to allow the Lido to open, but the Labour Party refused to find the money.  The repairs included automatic chemical equipment (previously it was done by hand) and a replacement pump which was required because previous Health and Safety inspections had made the gates smaller, so the existing pump could not push enough water around the pool.

Greenwich Conservatives asked the Council to apologise for the fiasco, allowing the swimming club which maintains the building back into the site and commit to reopening the facility next year.  The Labour Group has rejected these proposals and has decided to hold a review of leisure arrangements, while the Lido decays further.  It has already been vandalised as it lies empty.