Labour councillor condemns Eltham to 8 storey tower block

All but one of the Labour councillors on Greenwich Planning Board approved the proposals for an 8 storey tower block in the heart of Eltham and on the edge of the Eltham Palace Conservation Area.

The decision means that residents living in the Conservation Area will now have an 8 storey block of flats towering over them.

Yet it was the manner in which the decision was made which angered residents and local councillors, and led to calls of ‘shame’ ion the committee room.

With three members stating they were opposed and three in favour, the decision lay with Abbey Wood Labour councillor Clive Mardner.  While declaring that the proposals were ‘too high’ and ‘bad for Eltham’, Cllr Mardner voted with the Leader of the Council and the other two Labour cabinet members to force the development on Eltham – meaning that the controversial plans went through on  bare majority of one.

All this despite the fact that over 60 residents opposed the scheme as well as two residents’ associations, the Court Yard GP surgery and the Bob Hope Theatre, who said that this development could seriously harm its future. 


Outgoing Leader of the Council Chris Roberts said that he was not prepared to defend Eltham’s interests if the developer chose to challenge the council, because it ‘would cost too much money’ – yet over the last few months he’s had no problem in singing off millions of pounds on his own pet ‘legacy’ projects – including upgrading the wi-fi for his tall ships regatta.




Eltham councillor, Adam Thomas who was at the meeting to stand up for residents said:

The decision made last night was a disgrace, to say on the one hand this will be bad for Eltham and then to vote it through, is a slap in the face for our local community.  We now know beyond all doubt that Labour doesn’t’ care about Eltham’s future.

“What I fear now is that this decision leaves Eltham exposed to other tower block developments.  We know the council wanted to turn Roper Street School into a block of flats – which was thankfully stopped - but there are other sites, the Argos building, Royal Mail sorting office and the former council offices behind the High Street that Labour is eyeing up for 8 storeys plus.”