Conservatives Welcome Plumstead Parish Council Campaign

Local residents in Plumstead have launched a campaign to get a Parish Council established, this will give local residents and real and direct say over their local community and is a move welcomed by the Conservatives in Plumstead ward.

Thanks to the Localism Act (2011) introduced by the Conservative-led Coalition Government it is now easier for communities to establish parish councils locally and get powers back from Borough Councils. Greenwich Conservatives have also repeatedly called for the Council to set up area Councils to manage local budgets across the borough - not just in Woolwich.

2014 Conservative Candidate for Plumstead ward Gemma Robinson said “I’m pleased to see local residents taking on this campaign and wanting to take powers back from Greenwich Council who has let down the community here – the lack of a master plan for Plumstead is a clear example of the Councils lack of interest in Plumstead”.