TfL Act to Prevent Future Damage to Charlton Road Bridge


 In October 2013 an incident on the Charlton Road Bridge left damage to the railings. Greenwich Council did secure the bridge to prevent any immediate danger however the permanent repair works are the responsibility of Transport for London who have now outlined their plans to protect the bridge from any future damage and make the railings safer.

In early December Thomas Turrell, one of the Conservative Candidates for Blackheath Westcombe wrote to Gareth Bacon AM, the Conservative London-Wide Member of the London Assembly to ask him to chase up TfL about the reapir work which he did. TfL have now replied saying that the work cannot be complete until an investigation into re-enforcing the barriers is complete. This means TfL are looking into the long-term future of the bridge and safe guarding local residents and drivers from further damage.

Thomas said “I am pleased to see that Transport for London are taking a long term approach to these repair works. I am sure local residents will also be pleased to hear that TfL are seeking to re-enforce and strengthen the barrier instead of simply replacing it with the same material that was so easily damaged”.