All The Fun of the Fair ? Showman's Guild and Greenwich Council set for return to Blackheath

The Showman's Guild are looking to return to Blackheath with their three times a year funfair on Blackheath's Circus Field.  Traditionally a fair has operated on this area close to the Park at the Easter, Whitsun/Spring and August Bank Holiday weekends but not since 2011.  Circus Field was used extensively during the 2012 Olympics and the ground has had to be reinstated and allowed to recover since then. Now Greenwich Council's Parks Department say that it is robust enough to host the funfair once again. Blackheath Westcombe's Conservative Councillor, Geoff Brighty, says " The Showman's Guild are keen to return and, of course, the Council derives a healthy income from allowing the use of Circus Field.  It looks in good condition and if the Council's Parks team consider it is robust enough to stand the heavy use of a funfair there may be a case for allowing them back.  But we need to maintain it in its current good state." Geoff is asking the Council to ensure that measures are in place to ensure that, should there be any damage, it is put right after each visit.  He has also asked that arrangements for dealing with litter are agreed and that provision for car parking at the event is reviewed. He has also raised the issue of noise.  " There have been complaints in the past which I took up with the Council and there was a vast improvement in noise levels after 2006/7.  Noise can travel far across the Blackheath area and it is important for local residents that they are not subjected to further unnecessary noise disturbance if the funfair resumes. Controls on permitted noise levels and the direction of loud speakers helped to reduce disturbance and those controls need to be continued." Greenwich Council have said they will look carefully at this as part of any agreement that may be reached.