At last, a free cash machine for the Coldharbour

Shoppers at The Mound shopping area on the Coldharbour estate will finally have access to a free-to-use cash machine, after planning permission was granted for an external ATM at the Post Office's new corner premises.

The Chantry Post Office, which is moving to the larger corner premises at No 1, The Mound in the next few weeks, has successfully applied for permission to install a wall-mounted cash machine as part of its new shop front.  The move means that Coldharbour residents will have the convenience of being able to take out free cash quickly and easily, which will also help the local economy.

Coldharbour and New Eltham ward Conservatives, who continue to run their Mend The Mound campaign to regenerate the shopping area after years of council neglect, has welcomed the move as "good news" for local residents.

Cllr John Hills, ward chairman and President of Greenwich Conservative Federation, said: "This is good news for the Coldharbour and is another step towards regenerating The Mound as a thriving shopping area once again.  The Post Office is a key part of the community and its new premises will help it to serve residents even better in the future."

Local campaigner Matt Hartley, who is standing alongside John and Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst in the local elections in May, added: "The cash machine will benefit local residents, who will have the convenience of withdrawing cash without having to trek to New Eltham or the High Street, and will help the local economy by increasing trade at the shops."

The team is continuing to press the council to take action to regenerate the shops through their Mend The Mound campaign.  In October the team launched a petition calling for the council to adopt a 3-point plan for The Mound, including lowering the rates to attract new businesses to fill empty premises, installing locally-monitored CCTV and improving lighting.

Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst handed in the petition, which won the backing of 642 residents in just a few short weeks, at the council meeting held last month.  She said: "We are still waiting for the council's response to our plan.  There is huge public support for the Mend The Mound campaign, and we hope that Labour councillors do the right thing and take the urgent action the area needs."

Work has already begun on the new Post Office, which will be officially opened on Thursday 23rd January.  Residents are invited to attend – email or contact Cllr John Hills on 07502436016 for more information.