Survey reveals high level of mould and damp in council housing

A Conservative survey of council flats in Eltham North ward has revealed that over half of Council tower block flats are suffering from mould as a result of poor maintenance. 


The survey is part of a long campaign by Leader of the Conservative Group, Cllr Spencer Drury, to force the council to locate and eliminate the high levels of damp and mould in council properties.  Cllr Drury said, “I have been coming across an increasingly large numbers of council properties that are unacceptably damp and mouldy; where living conditions that are extremely poor, and so have spent the last year urging the Council to conduct its own survey to establish the true extent of the problem across the whole borough.  Without a clear picture of how big the damp problem is in Greenwich I can’t see how the Council can address it.  Despite promises that they would conduct a review of the problem, the Council still hasn’t completed it and so this survey is  my attempt to gauge a snap shot of the problem by focusing on my own ward, Eltham North.”


The survey was distributed to over 300 surveys to occupants of flats in the tower blocks on Well Hall Road, Sowerby Close & Strongbow Crescent and found that, of the 12% of residents who returned the survey, 57% indicated that their flats suffered from mould caused by damp. 


Spencer added “The council genuinely seems to want this problem to be swept under the carpet and has done very little about trying to find out the true extent of the problem.  Despite assurance by the Cabinet Member for Housing in June 2013, that

“A detailed property survey is to be carried out this year which will include obtaining feedback from residents, in order to obtain more precise data and set priorities.”

over 70% of respondents indicated that no council survey had been arranged or carried out.”


This week months of Conservative pressure, the council has finally created a separate ‘Damp Team’ to deal with the problem. 


Spencer said, “The ‘Damp Team’ is an admission that I am right to be concerned and there is a serious problem.  However, while millions of pounds are being lavished on the Labour Party’s pet projects, there don’t appear to be any resources for the ‘Damp Team’ to address this problem, which blights many tenants and leaseholders lives.  I’m hoping that this isn’t just a token team, who will not have the resources or support to actually do anything to improve the situation that many council tenants find themselves in through neglect and long term lack of maintenance.”