Enforcing 20mph on Westcombe Hill - 80% exceed the speed limit

Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty presented a petition, organised by the local Neighbourhood Watch group, asking Greenwich Council to take action to ensure that the 20mph speed limit on Westcombe Hill is more effectively enforced.  Having handed in the petition at the July Council meeting the Council’s Traffic Officers reported in the autumn, firstly to the Highways Committee and then back to the next full Council meeting and Geoff spoke in support of residents concerns on both occasions.


Four main courses of action were proposed:

1)    Increase the number of 20mph signs (roundels) painted on the road surface and improve other road markings.  This has been done just recently

2)    Install a temporary speed indicating sign – this has been promised by the end of the year

3)    Enforcement of the speed limit – this is the responsibility of the police and they have been asked to undertake enforcement. 

4)    Potential participation in the proposed “Road Watch” initiative where residents can volunteer to help in enforcement under police guidance.  The scheme is still being developed.


The most recent survey found that 80% of vehicles exceeded the 20mph speed limit on Westcombe Hill.  The petition underlined the concerns of residents about this situation and has prompted the Council to take action.  Although relatively modest it is hoped that, taken together, the proposed measures will bring about an improvement in safety for local residents.