Council announces Parking Zone survey for Eltham Park area

Residents across Eltham Park and near Eltham Station have been receiving surveys from Greenwich Council asking their views about the introduction or extension of the Controlled Parking Zone in the area. 


The survey appears to have originated from the Council’s desire to design a new parking strategy and complaints from residents about commuter parking in the area around the station.  Eltham North Councillor understand that this survey is only an ‘attitude survey’ and “no firm proposals will be brought forward until Members have had full opportunity to digest the response.”


Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury asked about the Council’s new parking strategy at the last full Council meeting (30th October) as the ‘Car Parking’ budget is £2m below target for income and the a £50,000 has just been spent recruiting a new Head of Parking Services.  In response, Cllr Drury was assured that the parking strategy would be published before the end of the autumn, but nothing has been placed in the public domain as yet. 


Spencer commented “I would urge all residents who receive a questionnaire to return it as the Council does rely on surveys like this when designing their policies.  I am aware that there are strongly held views on both sides of the debate here, but remember that the last time the Council surveyed roads along Grangehill residents voted pretty firmly against introducing controlled parking zones for their roads.  In that case many residents mentioned to me the cost of buying a parking permit as a major factor in their decision to vote against the introduction of a zone and with the steep rise in prices for the permits, I suspect this is still going to be an important factor.”


Greenwich Conservatives have committed to halving the cost of residents’ parking permits across the borough if they win power in the Council elections next May.

The area being surveyed by the Council is shown below in yellow: